Upgrade Version of iButton ID Copy Software – A Replacement of TM1990B

This is an upgraded software of TM1990B. This software is designed to replace the old one. The TM1990B is too complex and inconvenient to use. We will demonstrate the use of this software.

Double click to run the software and we get the following screenshot.

New iButton ID Copy Software Snapshot

We choose the serial port according to the configuration of the computer. Here we choose serial port 3.

New iButton ID Copy Software

After selection, we click the open button. At this time, the software button is activated.

New iButton ID Copy Software - Active

Place an iButton on the iButton copier and click the read ID button. If the iButton is placed correctly, the ID number will be read out and appears in the textbox.

New iButton ID Copy Software - Read ID

Next we put on a RW1990 iButton. Then click the write ID button. If the ID is written successfully then the write success is displayed.

New iButton ID Copy Software - Write ID