TM1990A-F5 iButtons – w/o 64-bit Serial ID On MicroCan

TM1990A-F5 Compatible iButtons - Without 64-bit Serial ID On MicroCan

TM1990A-F5 iButtons – w/o 64-bit ID On MicroCan

Place of Origin: China(Mainland)                   Part Number: TM1990A-F5-BK         Brand Name: CC
Min. Order Quantity: 100 Pieces                     Port: Guangzhou                                 Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Paypal


TM1990A-F5 iButtons – Without 64-bit Serial ID On MicroCan


The TM1990A-F5 electronic iButton key with unique 64-bit code is a full quality analog of Dallas/Maxim DS1990A-F5 iButtons. Designed for access control systems each key has a unique family code that is recorded while the key is being produced and the code cannot be overwritten.

While manufacturing such devices in the factory, the number is directly assigned directly to the production line. Each TM1990A-F5 is assigned a unique identification code consisting of numbers and letters. The approximate number of combinations – 4 billion. Therefore the chance to guess the key from the entrance is practically zero.  The key contains a number. It can not be charged or magnetized. But it can be stored in the memory controller, which controls the door to the entrance or office.

When you touch the ibutton reader with a TM1990A-F5 key, it reads this code and passes it to the controller, which checks with the internal memory for its presence in the database. If the identifier with the code is found, the access rights are checked (in some systems there may be time constraints) and give the actuators (locks, latches, latches or relays) the command to open/close.

The main advantages of TM1990A-F5: Electronic keys provide 100% uniqueness. The use of such tablets can significantly reduce the cost of programming a large number of keys for staff. TM1990A-F5 is for use as a workpiece for copying is not intended. (To copy the DS1990A and TM1990A keys, use our RW1990 copy iButtons).


Key Features

  • Overwriting to the controller memory a huge number of times;
  • Manufactured on the basis of high-quality and durable magnetic media;
  • The devices are compact and light in weight;
  • Can be used in any working position;
  • Average service life 10 years;
  • The eyelet holder is made of plastic;
  • Work at any temperature;
  • Instant reading: instantly transmits the code to the reader;
  • Low cost;
  • Work with the Doorphones: any door phones and Dallas access systems.


Technical Characteristics


TM(Touch Memory) iButton

Identification code



More than 10 years

Dimensions(L / W)

 59/19 mm

Weight of the key (± 3%)

4 grams(with plastic fob)

Average number of readings

1000000 times

Code Overwrite

is impossible


any with the DALLAS format

Colors of the holder

Main black, any color on request

Material of Cover and Holder

Cover- Stainless steel; Holder – ABS/POM

Operating Temperature

-40℃ to +80℃



  • Driver Identification for GPS tracking devices
  • Door intercommunication systems
  • Security systems
  • Access control systems
  • Automated engineering systems (control)
  • Fire alarms
  • Working time recording systems


The TM1990A-F5 can be found on its data sheet here: TM1990A DataSheet, and key fobs datasheet: DS9093A DataSheet.


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