The Models of iButton Readers Produced by iBUTTON.CC

Our iButton readers and probes, if divided by model, have a total of 5 series, namely CC9092X, CC9092PX, CC9093X, CC9094X and CC9092M.

CC9092X is our most conventional iButton probe. It is fully compatible with the DS9092 probe, but the cost is very much less. The probe is mounted with M10 screws. The main model is made of copper and Cr-plated, but we also offer carbon steel versions so that it can read the magnetic iButton. In addition to the choice of body material, customers can also choose with or without LEDs.

C9092X iButton Reader

CC9092PX is a probe designed for circuit boards. This probe design is very simple, it only has two pins, can be directly welded to the circuit board, and very convenient installation. These two pins are very firm, and wouldn’t get loose, so the quality of the words is very stable. The main model for this iButton probe is made of copper, but carbon steel also is available.

C9092PX iButton Probe

The CC9093X series is also our regular probe. It looks very beautiful and simple. The main model is CC9093 that is made of copper and Cr-plated. The installation is carried out with M20 nuts. Compared with the CC9092X series probe, the CC9093X probes have a larger thread, which is M20. This series of readers also have a carbon steel version and stainless steel version for different application environments. Similarly, customers can choose between those without led and those with LED.

C9093X iButton Reader

CC9094X is design of a non-drilling installation. We learned that some customers like to install the probe on the car’s central control panel, but they don’t want to punch holes in the panel. This probe is installed with double-sided adhesive tape, which is very convenient and firm. The materials can be copper or iron, In addition, you can choose with or without LED lights.

C9094X iButton Probe

CC9092M is a new probe designed by us. This probe has a very perfect appearance, the processing surface is also very smooth, Among the similar products in the world, We are one of the best. In addition, this probe has very good magnetism. So magnetic strength is very high.

C9092P Magnetic iButton Reader