Magnetic Dallas Key Reader for iButton with Steel Rings( Model: CC9092MD)

Magnetic Dallas Key Reader for iButton with Steel Rings (Model: CC9092MD(MG9092D))

Magnetic Dallas Key Reader (Model: CC9092MD)

Place of Origin: China(Mainland)                 Part Number: CC9092MD(MG9092D)                    Brand Name: CC
Min. Order Quantity: 50 Pieces                     Port: Guangzhou                                 Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Paypal

Magnetic Dallas Key Reader for iButton with Steel Rings – Model: CC9092MD(MG9092D)


The CC9092MD(MG9092D) magnetic dallas key reader for iButton with steel rings is a unique device that was designed to hold a magnetic fob in place by means of magnetic force. The housing is built from a non-magnetic metal, which has a round, flat face in the front and – in the middle of this face – an insulated, spring-loaded pin (which acts as the contact). Built into the magnetic probe are small magnets which create the required magnetic field. This attracts magnetic metals, and thus pulls and holds them onto the front face. At the back of the probe is a solder lug (for the ground signal).

The magnetic fob consists of a nickel-plated steel ring pushed over an iButton, which is inserted into a plastic fob. When this fob is held close to the front face of the Magnetic Probe, it is pulled onto the probe’s face by the magnetic force exerted on the steel ring, and held firmly in place. The MG9092D can be mounted onto any panel using an M8 nut. A second nut is used to hold the solder lug in place.

While held in place by the magnetic force, the center contact (spring-loaded pin) transfers the signal (data) read from the iButton to a wire that is soldered to an insulated pin at the back of the probe. The steel ring – which touches the front face of the probe – transfers the ground (earth) signal to a wire soldered to a solder lug at the back of the probe (the probe housing thus acts as ground).

The magnetic dallas key reader can be used in any application requiring an iButton to be read or written to for any extended (that is, non-instantaneous) period of time.


  • iButton magnet probe/reader, never drop
  • iButton can stick to the probe all the time by magnetic force.


  • Driver Identification for GPS Tracking Solutions
  • Access Control
  • The food services and/or restaurant industry
  • Cash registers/ EPos Systems
  • Computer and data processing
  • Time and attendance

Compatible iButtons:

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