How To Read The 64-bit ID Number On Metal Cover of An iButton?

Some of our customers ask us how to read the 64-bit ID on top of an iButton because they are new in this field and know little about it. For an iButton as below picture, the ID should be read as 7D000002CFCDCA14. iButton IDs must be read carefully and correctly. The first 2 hexadecimal char and the last 2 ones are easy to miss. The reason this process is so complicated because if we allow a direct edit we will not be able to ascertain who held what key during what time.

64-bit ID Number On Top Of an iButton Key

64-bit ID Number On Top Of An iButton

Normally this job is easily done by focusing your eyes by one minute. But for an iButton without any text on it(below picture), you can not tell the 64-bit ID in a glance since there is nothing on the metal cover. Some clients like to use this blank type iButton key because they do not want you to get the ID easily unless you have iButton readers to read them by the 1-Wire protocol. To see how this job is done, refer to OneWireViewer and iButton Quick Start Guide.

iButton Key Without 64-bit ID On It

iButton Key Without 64-bit ID On It

Please note that this iButton with 64-bit ID is called Read Only iButton(DS1990A-F3/F5) for the iButton manufacturers provide a guaranteed unique ID.

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