CC9490R-M Magnetic iButton USB Reader / iButton ID Keyboard / Typer

Magnetic iButton USB ID Reader
Magnetic iButton USB ID Reader

Place of Origin: China(Mainland)                 Part Number: CC9490R-M                    Brand Name: IBCC
Min. Order Quantity: 1 Pieces                      Port: Guangzhou                                 Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Paypal


CC9490R-M Magnetic iButton USB Reader / iButton ID Keyboard / Typer


The CC94904R-M magnetic iButton USB keyboard is specially programmed to input the serial numbers of magnetic iButtons(MG1990A) into an open word processing program. This compact and durable device is great for front desk registration and fleet driver ID, or any application that requires the entry of iButton serial numbers.

Simply plug the magnetic USB iButton reader into a USB port on your computer, open a word processing program, and hold the iButton on the read head. There are no drivers that need to be installed, no set-up, and no product registration. The iButton USB keyboard will input the serial number of the iButton held on the read head where the cursor is placed in an open word processing program in the font style and size specified in the document. You can use your choice of word processing program: Word, Excel, Notepad, and more.

See CC9490R USB reader for standard iButton(non magnetic)



  • Power Supply: via USB Port
  • Can read IDs of Magnetic iButtons
  • Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, MacOS
  • Built-in buzzer for good reading indication

The CC9490R-M iButton USB reader can be found on its data sheet here: CC9490R-M DataSheet.