Can I Copy The DS1990A-F5/F3 iButtons?

Many people ask us a question: can the DS1990A-F5/F3 iButton be copied? The answer is Yes.

But we need to clear one point that only the unique address (the 64-bit serial number) can be copied or cloned but not the content of ibutton itself. As for the DS1990A-F5/F3 there are read only with a address with them so the DS1990A-F5/F3 can be duplicated entirelly. For other model iButtons like DS1971, DS1991L, DS1922 and others we can only copy the 64-bit ID which is meaningless since these iButton keys have content. So for the DS1971, DS1991L, DS1922 and others the answer is no.

Once a DS1990A-F5/F3 iButton is cloned or duplicated the 64-bit serial number for it is not unique address in the world – it actually breaks the rule of ibuttons as they are invented as with a unique ID for each key on the earth. But some times that is a need for the clones like RFID tags or the normall keys in our daily life. Just think of all family members have the same keys but we dont need to add the new ID to the locks. So just make it simple.

But how to copy the DS1990A-F5/F3? You need the following items in hand:

For the cloning process of DS1990A-F5/F3 please refer to

Copy iButton’s 64-Bit Serial Number from DS1990A/TM1990 to RW1990.

Also you can get the RW1990 and iButton copier for serial port from iBUTTON.CC and we will offer the TM1990B copy software free for your copying.

For any questiong of the copying please feel free to contact us by email for call us.