Basics on the Quality Evaluation of a Magnetic Dallas Key Reader for Magnetic iButtons

A magnetic dallas key reader(also called magnetic iButton reader or probe) is the connection port of an magnetic iButton(also called magnetic dallas key) to the system controller. It holds the dallas key and transfers the information which is very important for the system working. Any breaks or losing contact can lead to malfunction. When choosing a magnetic iButton reader, how to judge a good quality one from a poor one, is the very question that buyer will face. Well, here are some basics on the evaluation of a magnetic reader which we think will help.



1) Environment

2) Storage temperature

3) Service temperature

4) Vibration

Will the magnetic probe expose to Water? Dust? Snow? Sun? oil?

The possible temperature range when storage

The possible temperature range after installation

Is there vibration to the magnetic reader?

First of all, it is to be known that quality is not an absolute thing. Good or bad quality depend on whether the product can fulfill the requirements. If the product can accomplish the task you want it to be, then it is good quality. Some environmental conditions are shown on below table.



1) Appearance

2) Installation

3) Dallas key reading function at room temp

4) Holding force

5) Temperature characteristic

Surface finish, color, dent, scratch, broken

The magnetic probe can be installed onto the target without difficulty.

The magnetic dallas key can fit the magnetic reader with correct dimensions, and it can be read smoothly

The magnetic reader should hold the key stably. Forces can be detailed and measured in a specific range.

Examine the reading performance on different temperature

Comparison on surface finishing of magnetic Dallas key readers
Comparison on surface finishing of magnetic Dallas key readers

As for the magnetic reader, the fire subject to be checked is the general performance. Some basics are shown on the table below.

If all the requirements can be fulfilled, that means the product chosen can function well in short term. But that does not mean it can work consistently well in the future.

So, the second examination subject is the durability. Durability means the ability of the product to endure the temperature change, vibration, repeatedly reading by a key, and corrosions etc, in a very long time. Here is some items should be checked for the magnetic dallas key reader.



1) High temperature exposure

durability examination

2) Low temperature exposure

durability examination

3) Repetitive operation durability


4) Chemical resistance examination

5) Dust durability examination

6) Rust durability examination

Customized by the environment the magnetic reader installed. For example, inside a automobile cabin in EU, +60°is ok;

Determined by the location where the reader installed.-30°is the generally lowest limit.

Determined by the repeated times of the designated target.

The magnetic probe should be able to resist chemical corrosion such as hand scream, sweat

Not a must, determined by the environment where the magnetic reader installed.

Should be free form rust after a specific test cycles.

After the durability examination, all general characteristics should be checked. If all the items meet the requirements, then the magnetic iButton reader can serve well in the lifetime of the system.