About Us

We are an integrated high-tech company that includes development, production, distribute and trade. Our products apply in security access control, electronics access control, asset tracking and asset management. We supply low cost but high quality 1-wire ibuttons(also called Dallas iButton) of Dallas / Maxim Integrated. The iButtons are widely used in access control, GPS tracking, temperature and humidity managerment and so on.

Our products include:

MAXIM / DALLAS iButtons: DS1990A-F5, DS1990R, DS1990A-F3, DS199l1-F5, DS1992L, DS1993L, DS1994l, DS1961S, DS1982, DS1985, DS1996L, DS1971, DS1977, DS1921, DS1922, DS1923, DS1963, DS2401, DS1402D-DR8+, DS2502, DS9097U, DS9097E, DS9490R, DS9098P, DS1990R, DS2417P, DS2430AP, DS1904, ect.

TM Cards / IB Cards: TM Card, TM90 Card, IB Card, TM1990A, TM1991, TM1971, TM14512, RW1990, TM1961S, TM1982, TM Card Ring, SMC1990A1, TM2401, Information Button, Place Button, Button Names, IB90 Card 90 Cards, Water Pad, etc.

iButton readers, probes, holder and accessories: TM card reader, TM card dispenser, EM card dispenser, IC card reader, TM card reader heads, circuit board development, meter reading system, attendance system, elevator control systems, taking electrical switches, handles, walls buckle, patrol block, TM bracelet, silicone bracelet, beads bracelet, hotel Lock, sauna lock, cabinet Lock, patrol rods and other products

Systems: Include meter reading system, attendance system, elevator control systems, taking electrical switches and so on.

Our Quality:
We treat the products’ quality as life, have our quality control management to keep the products to be superior quality and high performance.

Our service:
Whether your demand is one, ten or then thousand pieces, it can be supplied by us. We focus on customer demand, supply good quality product as well as the best service to customer all over the world.

Our Principle:
Technology has changed the world, standing in front of a source of technology, we use science and technology for development, quality to survival, with the credibility to win customers.

Welcome to join us!

*Note: iButton and 1-Wire are registered trademarks of Maxim.